Azithromycin reviews

Zithromax is considered as one of the most bestselling antibiotics for treatment of certain bacterial infections like bacteria that cause ear infections, throat infections, tonsillitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia and sinusitis.
With proper administration of this medicine certain infections can be treated well even before the entire treatment course is over.
Comments and reviews included here are from patients who have been satisfied with what zithromax had done to their body. Though you can sue these reviews a s great references, you can not use them as clinical basis in the drug.


TammyJ said:

I used to suffer from tonsillitis every once in a while. Though the symptoms vary, mostly the condition leaves me weak. I have tried many medications before and I almost accepted defeat to the disease until I discovered zithromax. When the doctor prescribed me this drug, I took it as just one of those treatments that will work but will fail. The good news is that i was treated and now the condition has never returned, t is truly a wonderful drug.

Mary Potter said:

I suffer from chronic sinusitis, and believe me, the condition is getting intolerable as time goes by. After taking zitromax though fro my sinusitis, I have noticed certain improvements on my condition, after the entire course if treatment was over, I can happily say that I am cured.

Alice Jackson said:

After using zithromax the first time, I can say that bit is certainly the only synthetic medication that actually works for upper respiratory tract infection. I have sued it voer and over again and it ahs never failed me so far.

Sally Santos said:

After taking this drug for 3 days out of the 7 day-treatment course, I have experienced some dizziness, but aside from that nothing else. This is a small price to pay just to have my bronchitis is cured.

Ashley Brown said:

Ten days of bad cough ahs left me weak and very uncomfortable being around people. I couldn’t go to work because I was so afraid to transferring some viruses around the office. After administering zithromax though, I felt certain relief with my breathing and the coughing stopped too. A day before the end of the treatment period, I was completely healed. It is a wonderful medicine and it should be prescribed more frequently, the side a re very few and anyone can tolerate them.