Azithromycin uses


Zithromax also known as azithromycin is a prescribed macrolide or the treatment of infections caused by bacteria. The concerned areas where the Zithromax is made to control are the infections in the throat, skin, ear and sinus. Even some of the sexually transmitted diseases are also treated by the Zithromax drug. As it extends it’s helping hand in treating many infections, it has gained wide popularity all over the world especially in USA since 1991, the year Zithromax was released to the market. Since its arrival, it has proved to be capable of higher tissue concentration and with no side effects.

Uses of Zithromax:

Zithromax is available in capsules, oral suspension and tablets but only suspension is advised. The key point about Zithromax that makes it as the most preferred drug is that it is readily absorbed by the body and it gives more attention to tissue rather than to serum and plasma. Let us discuss some of the important uses of Zithromax.

It is used in the treatment of pneumonia infection caused by the micro-organisms and those who are suffering from pneumonia should consult the doctor before taking the Zithromax orally. The persons who are infected by streptococcus, pneumonias, hemophilic influenza and catarrhalis are well treated by taking Zithromax medicine. Even Zithromax can prevent syphilis but before the usage of this drug, doctor’s consultation is must. It can also handle genital ulcers and the prescribed dosage for the treatment of genital ulcers is single dose of 1000 mg. Care must be taken when children’s diseases like tonsillitis and pharyngitis are treated by the Zithromax and dosages vary for 5 successive days depending on the weight of the body. A single dose of 200 mg of Zithromax can heal the infection of urethritis and cervicitis. You can extort best usages from the Zithromax when it is stored in dry place with temperature suggested is 15-30 degrees. The most common infection seen in children like middle ear infection, strep throat and many other respiratory infections are best treated by Zithromax medicine.


Zithromax is the most preferred medicine as compared to the other drugs as it is manufactured to include the above discussed uses that help to heal the infectious patients to a greater extent. You may even expect Zithromax that exhibits its capacity in treating many diseases like dental infections, acne, prostatitis, typhoid fever, pertussis, diarrhea, toxoplasmosis, conjunctivitis and rickettsiosis in the future.